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The Fight Against Prostate Cancer At Home And Abroad

Earlier this year I talked about Kenyan Medical Services Minister, Anyang’ Nyong’o, traveling to the U.S. for life-saving, prostate cancer treatment. Following a diagnosis in his country which, it’s important to note, came only after his own persistence that something was not right, Nyong’o knew his best chance for survival was to head here. Recognizing his own country’s limitations, Nyong’o did what many in other countries are now doing, he chose a prostate cancer specialist in the United States with expertise that far surpassed his country’s offerings. Since his return to Kenya, Nyong’o is turning his experience into a force for change. He founded the African Cancer Foundation, with the intentions of increasing the distribution of cancer information, emphasizing early screening and updating treatment options in Kenya. Reform in these areas will not be easy for Nyong’o and his group; Kenyans place a large stigma on cancer patients and, in some areas, still prefer natural healing methods. As a result, conquering late diagnosis of prostate and other cancers will be a big part of the foundation’s efforts, but it’s a fight worth fighting. In developing countries like Kenya, more deaths [...]