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New Study About Men Leaking Urine During Sex

NYU prostate specialist, Dr. Herbert Lepor just published questionnaire findings in the Journal of Urology about the incidence of post-prostatectomy men leaking urine during sex or climax. This side effect of prostate removal is coined “climacturia.” While this may not be a topic you’re too anxious to discuss, I want to help clarify the findings and share my feelings about the results. The survey found this: 1 in 8 men are experiencing urinary incontinence during sex and 36% of those polled said the problem persisted two years after surgery. This issue is completely separate from sexual potency, and in some cases isn’t even linked to normal daytime urinary incontinence. The questionnaire was given only to patients of Dr. Lepor’s. It included just over 1,400 men and encompassed those who underwent radical prostatectomy surgery at NYU between 2000 and 2007. The most critical part of the study I want you to keep in mind is the fact that all men had traditional open prostatectomy surgery. What this means is that no laparoscopic or robotic tools were used during the procedures. In my experience, traditional open prostatectomy surgery has significant limitations. For [...]

Personalized Care for Israeli Prostate Cancer Patients

I’ve traveled to Israel several times to demonstrate robotic prostate cancer treatment to urologists who are relatively new to robotic surgery. My goal in Israel, and in other countries, is to help specialists continually improve the quality of healthcare they provide their patients, particularly in the area of prostate cancer treatment. While in Israel I successfully performed robotic surgeries using my SMART (Samadi Modified Advanced Robotoc Technique) method of prostate cancer treatment, all televised live to extend the reach of the training. However, we know from experience that the learning curve for robotic surgery is very steep. Studies show that experienced surgeons require over 1,600 robotic-assisted surgeries before they achieve acceptable outcomes. With significantly smaller caseloads, Israeli surgeons are simply not yet able to offer the level of expertise that U.S. specialists can. In time, their experience, and therefore expertise, should greatly improve. But what of the Israeli men who are facing prostate cancer today? They certainly don’t have the time for their country’s knowledge to catch up. They are fighting for their lives and deserve the highest quality medical care available today, regardless of location. As a result, inbound [...]

Live Robotic Prostatectomy with NYLF/MED

Just days ago I had the pleasure of welcoming 130 academically outstanding high school students to witness one of my live robotic prostatectomy procedures at The Mount Sinai Medical Center. I was invited to become a part of National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine’s (NYLF/MED) inaugural year in New York. The program gathers exceptional high school students in the greater tri-state area who are chosen based on their outstanding academic records in math and science and teacher recommendations. The forum has an 18-year history in cities throughout the country, and it was a great honor for me to be a part of bringing it to students in our area. Students participating in the program stay in New York for 10 days, experiencing a wide range of healthcare seminars, medical experiences and even social events. The program works with medical professionals in the area to arrange site visits so the students can experience clinical settings first hand. The morning of the surgery, 130 of the program’s students chose to join me at Mount Sinai Medical Center to watch the 7:00 am surgery live on closed circuit TV. Just after, I spent time with [...]