PSA Tests and the Illogical Equations

In light of the U.S. Health Department’s PSA screening recommendations, I would like to call your attention to their faulty reasoning.  Their decision to speak out against the test is, in my opinion, based on two illogical equations.

PSA Test + Biopsy = Infection


PSA Test + Prostate Cancer Surgery = Incontinence and Impotence

Neither of these is definitively true. While there are potentially negative side effects to all medical procedures, there are also very practical ways to mitigate those issues. The answer is in the hands of the prostate cancer specialist.

Once diagnosed with prostate cancer, you should certainly seek the opinion of more than one specialist. But the term specialist is important. Choose someone affiliated with a hospital that has an outstanding track record for treating and eradicating prostate cancer in their patients. Biopsy infection can be prevented with pre- and post-antibiotics and an adherence to recovery recommendations.

Regarding treatment, the majority of the panel’s criticism seems to fall on the surgical removal of the prostate gland. Robotic prostatectomy surgery is a very successful option with very positive outcomes, if you choose the right surgeon. Robotics is a hot trend in hospitals now. More facilities are purchasing the equipment necessary for all types of robotic procedures; however, access to the technology does not ensure success.

Robotic prostatectomy surgeons must perform thousands of procedures to achieve the expertise required to preserve sexual function and urinary continence. The benefits of the robot in the hands of an experienced surgeon are unmatched. The precise movements and enhanced vision allow me to get in there, see where the cancer is and get it out. And I don’t have to disrupt the whole works to get it done. I have performed over 3,300 successfully robotic prostatectomy procedures. As a result, 96 percent of my patients regain urinary control and 87 percent regain sexual potency within 12 to 24 months.

True, some prostate cancer may never create adverse issues. But today we do not have the means to distinguish between “good” prostate cancer and “bad” prostate cancer. If we sit around and wait for the cancer to define itself through symptoms, we have waited too long. Prostate cancer does not belong in the body and it has the ability to cause tremendous harm – preventable harm.

We have the ability to test for prostate cancer and eliminate it. In doing so, we are able to give otherwise healthy men happy, enjoyable, continent and sexually fulfilling lives.

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