Robotic Oncology Around the World – The Dominican Republic

Late last year I made a trip to Israel as the first step in an initiative to spread information about prostate cancer and robotic treatment options to other areas of the world. While there I performed live, televised robotic prostatectomies to demonstrate my SMART surgery technique and shared my knowledge with the doctors at Rambam Hospital in Haifa; where they had recently acquired their own da Vinci robot.

Last week I took the next step by speaking at a conference at the Hospital Metropolitano Santiago (HOMS) in the Dominican Republic. I have also appeared in many Spanish language publications over the past few months. All of this is in an effort to reach out to Spanish speaking communities to further educate the world about the robotic treatment options available for prostate cancer.

During the conference I discussed the benefits of my SMART surgery technique, but also discussed the future of remotely performed robotic surgery. This is a subject that fascinates me, and is one that I have touched on before in my blog. In the future it will be possible for surgeons trained in robotic procedures to perform on patients from across the world with the help of an on-site team. The technology has been demonstrated before, and with future advancements the possibility that it will become widely used is growing.

I’m hopeful that by making these trips to educate people of different countries and cultures about prostate cancer that we can further push the development of new technologies and treatment techniques. Moreover, I hope that by raising awareness of the importance of screening and the benefits of robotic prostate surgery that we can save more lives.

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